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We started The Good Cheer Company in 2006 to remind ourselves and others that we are all more than the world of appearances, more than just our physical selves. We  came up with these small puzzle-shaped pewter tokens with I AM on one side and an Affirmative Word on the other - I AM WORTHY, I AM LOVED, I AM UNSTOPPABLE (and more) as a way to remind all of us who we really are! We chose the puzzle shape because it evokes the feeling of "belonging". The first token we made, and still our big seller, has the words WITHOUT ME on one side and THE PUZZLE IS INCOMPLETE on the other.


Each of our pieces comes with a story card with the words: "Each one of us is an important piece of the whole of life! And there are times when we forget this truth. These shiny pewter puzzle pieces were created to make you feel good about yourself, to remind you that you belong, that you are an invaluable part of life's puzzle! When you carry the puzzle tokens in your pocket or wear them as bracelets and necklaces - the wish is that you'll remember who you really are! Without you -- the puzzle is incomplete! Peace and blessings." 

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